Robert Langevin - Principal Flute

Yoobin Son - Flute

Mindy Kaufman - Flute & Piccolo

Sherry Sylar - Associate Principal Oboe

Robert Botti - Oboe

Anthony McGill - Principal Clarinet

Pascual Martínez Forteza - Clarinet & E-Flat Clarinet

My name is Pascual Martínez-Forteza and I am the acting associate principal clarinet of the New York Philharmonic. I am from Spain and I have been playing with the Orchestra since 2001. My dream when I was I kid was to play in a great orchestra but I’ve never imagine that some day I would be part of one of the oldest (175 years) orchestras in the world and with more tradition and historic heritage in America. Besides the music I have a beautiful family, wife and 3 kids. We love to be together and spend time going out, eating and enjoying our free time. I love to cook Spanish food, swim and European Football (soccer).

Amy Zoloto - Clarinet & Bass Clarinet

I recently moved to Leonia, NJ and am loving being a part of this vibrant, diverse community. I an involved in my daughter's kindergarten class and have played a little concert for the class and have also done some outreach concerts at a nearby church. We have busy weekends with swimming, soccer, dance and tae Kwon do and I have actually started adult Tae Kwon do. I'm really enjoying the discipline!

Judith LeClair - Principal Bassoon

Kim Laskowski - Associate Principal Bassoon

This is a photo of my daughter, husband and myself at my daughter’s wedding. Being a New Yorker from Brooklyn, playing in the New York Philharmonic and bringing great joy to our fans is something I’m really proud of! This orchestra has been a part of our family’s lives for as long as I can remember!

Roger Nye - Bassoon

Arlen Fast - Bassoon & Contrabassoon