Principal Librarian


My final audition for principal librarian was in April, 1985, and Zubin Mehta asked me in his most intimidating Music Director’s voice, “Why do you want to work for the New York Philharmonic?”  I replied, “Because I’m from New York and I want my children to know their grandparents.”

I won the job.

When I started in August, 1985, I had a two-year old and five-year old.  My two-year old attended many concerts through the years, standing backstage with me at some subscription concerts and eventually sitting in the audience at Young People’s Concerts.  My daughter met Leonard Bernstein backstage and when introduced backstage as a ten-year trumpet player to our then principal trumpet Philip Smith, was handed his trumpet and told, "Play something." Since then, she and her now husband have attended many concerts, most recently the Antonio Pappano program of Vaughan Williams, Britten, and Saint-Saëns.

Her grandparents have long since passed on, but another generation is making ready to attend his first Very Young People’s Concert.  Pictured here are another three generations:  a proud member of the New York Philharmonic since 1985, a proud attender of New York Philharmonic concerts since 1986 (and her husband), and a future audience member, my grandson Cyrus, born in May, 2017.