Richard Deane - Acting Principal Horn

Leelanee Sterrett - Acting Associate Principal Horn

R Allen Spanjer - Horn

R Allen Spanjer was born & raised in a small town in GA where he grew up watching Leonard Bernstein conduct the New York Philharmonic Young People's Concert on TV. After attending Interlochen Arts Academy for high school he heard the NYP on tour and decided New York was where he wanted to be. In 1974 he entered Juilliard to study with Ranier DeIntinis, a long time member for the NYP horn section. In 1985 he first played with the orchestra & in the 92-93 season joined the orchestra as Second Horn. After 44 years in NY & 26 years in the NYP he still wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Howard Wall - Horn

Christopher Martin - Principal Trumpet

Praised as “brilliant...impeccable” by the New York Times and a musician of “effortless understated virtuosity” by The Chicago Tribune, Christopher Martin joined the New York Philharmonic as Principal Trumpet, The Paula Levin Chair, in September 2016. He served as principal trumpet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for 11 seasons and has enjoyed a distinctive career of over 20 years in many of America’s finest orchestras.

Ethan Bensdorf - Trumpet

Thomas Smith - Trumpet

Joseph Alessi - Principal Trombone

Colin Williams - Associate Principal Trombone

David Finlayson - Trombone

George Curran - Bass Trombone

I joined the New York Philharmonic as its bass trombonist in 2013, leaving the Atlanta Symphony, where I had worked since 2006. It was an easy decision for my wife Katie and I to leave our established lives in the South to join one of the premier arts communities and organizations in the world. For me, this was a move to the top brass section in the world, beyond esteemed orchestras in cities like Berlin or Chicago. The brass section has a beautiful bold sound, and we are a tightly knit family away from home. Practicing, teaching, and working with the Philharmonic leaves little time for me to see my actual family up in Washington Heights. WaHi is one of the few Manhattan neighborhoods affordable enough to allow a family of musicians with children to have some practice space. Katie is a musician too, and she freelances all around the New York area, having left full-time work to come here. Going to the park with Katie and our two year old daughter Kayla is probably one of my favorite afternoon activities. When we have some time off, we like to decompress out of town though. If we can get away, we like hiking in the Adirondacks, skiing in the Catskills, or visiting our family in Michigan. When I am not working with the Philharmonic or teaching and performing with its educational department, I teach at Rutgers, Mannes, and will add the Manhattan School of Music in the fall. I am also a founding member of the Southeast Trombone Symposium, a yearly workshop for trombone students and aficionados that takes place at Columbus State University.

Alan Baer - Principal Tuba

Alan Baer is the head of brass at Rutgers University where he also teaches tuba. He is also on the faculties of The Juiliard School and Mannes School of Music. Alan lives in North Brunswick NJ with his wife and daughter. They have 2 dogs that they love to run in the woods. Alan is an avid motorcyclist and loves to camp in the summers.